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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Strength to keep moving : evaluating your home business

A mile from the finish line of the London Marathon, thousands of onlookers holding signs lined the route. When spectators spotted a family member or a friend coming into view, they shouted the person’s name, waved, and yelled encouragement. ‘Just a little farther! Keep going! You’re almost there.’ After running 25miles, many competitors were barely walking and ready to quit. It was amazing to watch exhausted runners brighten and pick up the pace when they saw someone they knew or heard their name called out.

I do not know your name but by writing this article, I’m actually yelling your name. ‘Keep going! You’re almost there! The finish line is in sight.’ It’s not time to quit. Perhaps it’s time to evaluate and adjust. You probably were using the wrong information.
You need to evaluate and adjust. But let me warn that you don’t fall into this common trap. Most people will jump right in and start evaluating and adjusting immediately after they have taken action on their plans. They start checking on themselves a week or even three to four months after they have taken action. Evaluating and making adjustment too soon stops the action that has barely gotten started. They never get the ball rolling.

The time to evaluate and adjust is a fine line that’s often hard to determine. However it’s important to know where that fine line is. As you get better and better, your instincts will kick in and you’ll just know when it’s time to take a different action, or whether you should stick with the formula you’re on.
Some people will say that the key to success is simply positive thinking- and leave it at that. They say to themselves, ‘nothing is wrong, nothing is wrong’ when all is crashing down around them. Be realistic- to see what is going on- to stay out of denial- and when it becomes crystal clear to you that you’re in need of shifting (evaluating and adjusting), then take those steps.

If you’ve stayed with a company three to five years and you do not make enough money, I’ll advice you to move on. I think you’ve got what you got from them, to think outside the box, learn how to network and come out of your shell. Do not be ‘locked’ into the ‘faith mentality,’ thinking come hell or high water, this company is going to make you all the money in the world. This is blind faith- where almost like religion; people think they have to suffer for their dream. It doesn’t have to be in business.
You should ask yourself. ‘I got what I wanted, is it time to move on? Is it time for me to change my program? If your answer is yes, then move on without delay.

In sum, give your goal a chance to ‘take roots,’ to demonstrate to you that it has the potential to grow and eventually succeed. But after a reasonable amount of time (usually six months to a year) if your progress has stagnated or leveled off, that’s the time to ask yourself, ‘what could I do differently to get back on track for success?’

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