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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Here Are 12 Key Reasons Why This Business Lanching in Nigeria in June is the Perfect Opportunity For You!

1. Solid, well managed, 6 year old division of a 15 year old, global leader in its field with over $1.5 billion in sales to date! If you build it today, it will be here tomorrow, unlike many companies, especially new ones, which will be here today and gone tomorrow, taking your hopes and dreams with them! 2. Work with 2 legendary network marketing industry leaders and top earners who have more than 65 years of combined business, marketing, and sales experience, who’ve helped several companies to generate $1 billion or more in sales, had numerous people on their teams earn up to $1 million a year and more in income, and who will share with you the secrets that have made them millions of dollars during their careers! 3. Promote 2 award winning products, one named “Best Overall” product of its kind by The Men’s Journal magazine, and the other voted “2009 Product of the Year” in the U.S. by a leading fitness publication! 4. One of the few companies in the industry with independent human clinical studies which prove the products work and recommended by world renowned physicians like Dr. Mehmet Oz! 5. Free distributorship! No large financial risk! 6. Set your own hours and be your own boss! 7. Work from home! No storefront or office needed! No inventory to stock, no deliveries to make, no paperwork, and no employees! 8. Build a business in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, and more than 50 other countries around the world without leaving home or affecting your full time job! 9. No experience or special skills are needed! 10. Free training and support! 11. Make money 8 different ways, get paid weekly, plus qualify to win a new C-class Mercedes! 12. Perfect timing! You have the opportunity to pioneer this business’ expansion into Nigeria, the business is targeting health and wellness, the next trillion dollar industry, and most importantly, they are about to enter their hyper-growth phase! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY ROBERT KIYOSAKI AUTHOR OF RICH DAD, POOR DAD. CLICK HERE TO SIGN-UP NOW FREE! For Any Queries, Call 08073639975.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Netcontacts: Membership Benefits-Plus!

1. Be paid N1,500 for each person you invite to register as Netcontacts member 2. Be paid 10% of wholesale cost of Netcontacts PINS, whenever any person you invite orders PINS 3. Are you looking for job? Netcontacts will look for available jobs vacancies for you and will contact our members in different companies to give you job. 4. You are looking for life partner(husband or wife)? Netcontacts will help you, get connected to your dream husband or wife. 5. You are planning to travel abroad for any reason such as business, education and to stay etc? Netcontacts will hellp you actualize your dream, by giving you every assistance such as connection, money, and information etc. 6. You are organising events such as wedding, parties, traditional marriage, birth day and burial etc.? Netcontacts will assist you to invite our members to attend and we will equally give you gift. 7. You want loan to start business, go school, build house or buy any property? Netcontacts will provide you with loan that you might not pay back yourself 8. You are a student in any Nigerian tertiary institution who looking for friends from other schools, wants to visit other schools, or needs help such as a place of IT or TP, vacation job, loan, scholarship, hostel accommodation, job after graduation, accommodation during NYSC, traveling abroad after graduation ? Netcontacts will help you. 9. You are looking for any property to buy such as: lands, houses, cars etc. or accommodation vacancies to let/lease etc.? Netcontacts will get you the best available offers in any town/city within Nigeria at the cheapest prices . 10. You want to relocate or travel to any town/city within Nigeria, but you do not have any body to accommodate you or to stay with in that town or city? Netcontacts will arrange temporal accommodation for you in that town /city. 11. And more... register for free trial today. Your Invitation Code is 792287982: To register, CLICK HERE, Enter the Invitation Code appropriately and sign up. If you have questions or encounter any problem, call: 08063306838, 08073639975.