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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not all Network Marketing Opportunities are Illegal Pyramid Schemes

This month, March 2012 marks my 5th anniversary as an Internet
marketer. I've therefore decided to give a ground-breaking, mind
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It can be tempting to dismiss all networking marketing opportunities as illegal pyramid schemes because of the sheer numbers of so-called network marketing businesses that do, in fact, cross the line.

I refer to them as “so called” network marketing because they’re not REAL network marketing at all. It’s common practice for shysters and fraud to pose as a legitimate business model in order to deflect scrutiny and deceive their prey.

Jumping to premature conclusions can lead to serious error in judgement. The key always is to find the accurate perspective that reveals the truth of the situation.

Pyramid Features
• Each level in the pyramid pays for the right to sell the products and recruit sellers below them.
• Each level of the pyramid has the right to buy products from the level above them at a discounted price and sell it at a higher price to the level below them.
• No one in the pyramid can by-pass any level above them. They’ve locked into their position in the pyramid.
• As prices increase at each level down the pyramid, the level finds it almost impossible to sell the products at such a high price.

If you check the classic features of illegal pyramid selling scheme, you’ll find most of them in this example. So is it reasonable to assume that this is an example of an illegal pyramid selling scheme?

Not in this case. What we’re looking at is the typical sales and distribution system used by the telecoms industry in Nigeria for selling recharge cards.
• The company sells the right to print and sell its recharge cards to its major dealerships.
• The major dealers on-sell the right to print and sell the recharge cards to smaller dealers at a profit.
• The smaller dealerships who also pay for the right to print and sell these cards, on-sell the recharge cards to local recharge card sellers who are in two categories;
1. Those with bigger shops who also on-sell the cards to smaller sellers who sit under umbrellas by road sides and also to the final consumer.
2. The smaller sellers who also sell to the final consumer.
• The smaller sellers find it almost impossible to sell the recharge cards for any profit at all. That is why in many places such sellers have to sell N100 cards for N110 if they are to make any profit out of them.

So why isn’t this well-established system illegal? Almost all of the features of an illegal pyramid selling scheme are present. More than in most network marketing businesses, in fact. Is there some kind of double standard being applied here?

The bottom line is quite simple: the pyramid structure has nothing whatever to do with whether or not a business is pyramid selling scheme. EVERY legitimate organization, from governments to schools, the military, churches, sports teams, essential services, charities, hospitals – you name it, it has a pyramid structure, for the simple reason that it’s the ONLY organizational structure that works transparently and accountably!

Many people who have had bad experiences at the hands of counterfeit MLMers brand all network marketing as illegal pyramid selling. Understandable, but about as rational as salesmen because of a bad experience with an incompetent or unscrupulous medical practitioner or a real quack posing as a doctor.

TIG Treasure Resources empowerment program is a cooperative networking. In Nigeria we’re not new to cooperative societies where people come together, put resources together for their common good. They can structure their society in whatever way they feel will be of most benefit to them. TIG has structured its program such that participants will employ cooperative networking to empower one another. What is illegal about this? And for their ideas, initiative and coordination of the program, they are pocketing less than 15% of each contribution made. Is that too much?

Be wary of jumping to hasty conclusions. Illegal pyramid selling is about motives, attitudes and practices, not organizational structure. TIG’s motive is to make capital available for her members to boost their existing businesses or help them boost their businesses.

I hope I’ve been able to dispel the notion you had that TIG is an illegal pyramid scheme. TIG Treasure Resources Ltd is a credible organization managed by people of integrity who are helping us coordinate this network contribution effectively and transparently. Do not be left out of the good thing happening to Nigerian residents. Many participants have regretted dragging their feet. They wish they had joined the very day they first heard about TIG. You can avoid regretting by taking action now. I know people who are making as much as N250k every week! Delicious.

About the Author:
Neksummi Matthias believes "I can achieve all of my goals if I help enough other people achieve theirs!" He believes in running his business without all the deceit that characterize many businesses today. Registration in TIG for now cannot be made online. This means that the registration has to be made offline. You can reach me on 08073639975 or 08063306838 so we can arrange on how I can get you registered.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Features of a Pyramid Scheme and Reasons Why TIG Treasure Resources is NOT an Illegal Pyramid Scheme


Copyright © Neksummi Matthias

What is a pyramid scheme?
A pyramid scheme is one whereby new participants are required to make payments at the time of joining, in return for the right to receive benefits when they recruit other people into the scheme. The scheme might be promoted as a club supported by fabricated testimonies about the financial benefits to the participants.

Although pyramid schemes might take different forms to disguise their true nature, they share a number of features. For example, no matter how a pyramid scheme is promoted, there is no underlying business and the only way a profit is generated is to use the investments contributed by the new participants. Provided that a certain number of new participants are recruited within a specified period of time, the scheme can afford to pay profits to its participants with the new money coming in. Hence the promoter of the scheme makes money by recruiting more people rather than by running a legitimate business.

Doesn’t TIG share these features? Or how is it different? TIG has a training program for her members. They organize periodic training programs for member in the following areas:
• Training and Investment in modernized agriculture for food production and income generation.
• Training on how members can own a house and equally earn more money from housing.
• Training members on how they can own means of mobility and also benefit from an active transportation outfit.
• Several other training given to members for economic empowerment.

TIG’s goal is to ensure that members own businesses or expand their businesses if they have one already.

Let us look at more features of a pyramid scheme. As the number of the participants increases, so does the liability. Depending on the rate of the increase in the number of new participants, there will come a time when there are insufficient new participants to sustain the pay-outs. At that point, the scheme will collapse. Participants would lose all their investment as the money would have disappeared by then. Some people might incur substantial liability because they were lured into or forced to take out loans to fund their payment into the scheme.

How is TIG Treasure Resources empowerment program different? TIG incurs no liability. All money coming to TIG is her part of the contributions. Everybody’s contribution is paid directly into the person’s account. It is not like other schemes where people’s monies are taken to the originator of the schemes before pay-outs are made at the end of the month. They may as well decide to close the program and flee into thin air with people’s money.
No one takes your money to TIG and you don’t wait until the end of the month before you receive your benefit. Your contributions come straight into your bank account as they are made and you can withdraw immediately! People are encouraged to make payments themselves instead of giving money to others to pay for them except they trust such people. And they do that at their own risk.

There will NEVER be insufficient new participants because in TIG, there is cycling out. Earlier participants do cycle out after a time and they will have to re-join below those who were previously below them if they want to continue with the program. Because they enjoyed TIG, they always re-entered.

A pyramid scheme is a type of scam which promises the investor that their initial investment will make them extraordinarily rich. In reality, the pyramid scheme does not deliver on promised profits. In most cases, only the people who originate the pyramid scheme and a few of the initial salespeople or people who get in at the top of the pyramid will make money. Most people merely lose money because their money only benefits those already involved with the scam.

The pyramid scheme tends to manifest itself in products with exciting labels like “get rich quick,” or “make millions without working.” Further, promises that are too good to be true, and vagaries concerning how a person will make money in these “get rich quick” schemes should alert one that he or she is being targeted by a pyramid scheme.

TIG does not promise one getting rich quick without working. In fact promoting TIG is HARD WORK. Not only TIG and a few of the people who got in at the top are making money but everyone who has joined because those at the top are returning to join at the bottom. So it is a win-win situation for everyone. In TIG nobody loses money because you earn at every level.

Never give money to a person who cannot clearly define how a program works and who does not clearly define the products/services prior to purchase.

About the Author:
Neksummi Matthias believes "I can achieve all of my goals if I help enough other people achieve theirs!" He believes in running his business without all the deceit that characterize many businesses today. Registration in TIG for now cannot be made online. This means that the registration has to be made offline. You can reach me on 08073639975 or 08063306838 so we can arrange on how I can get you registered.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Your Decisions Today Determine Where You Will Be Tomorrow

Copyright © Neksummi Matthias

You are where you are today because of what you did or failed to do yesterday. We all at some time or the other have come across life changing opportunities and our state today is a reflection of our acceptance or rejection of those opportunities.

This is yet another opportunity knocking at your door. Do yourself the favor of going through it. Now it is up to you to read, take advantage and attain financial freedom or reject it and remain where you are receiving peanuts called ‘monthly pay checks’
That said, it is true that all of us want to make money but only few are willing to put in small effort that would produce big results.

Only 20% of the things you do give you 80% of your result and 80% of some other things you do give you only 20% of your result-says a certain principle. Therefore, you do not need to know 100% of facts about money. You need to know only 20% of the facts that will give you the 80% of your results

Do it now! Get the habit of doing things now. In many people, it is not the knowledge that is lacking. What is lacking is the courage. Put the much you know into action. "The greatest gap in the world is the gap between knowing and doing," says John Maxwell.

To be successful in today’s business world, you have to be able to shift gears and cope with change effectively. You have to be able to make decisions without knowing all of the details or be able to see the big picture. Today’s entrepreneurs have to be able to function in an atmosphere of ambiguity in order to be successful.

So do it wrong the first time! If you wait until time is right- until your ducks are all in a row, it will never be done. You must be willing to fail your way to success. However, get me right. I am not saying you just jump into every opportunity that stares you in the face without proper examination. Do your research! "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." – Dr. Wayne Dyer.

All I did so far was to pinch you and wake you up to the reality of More Money, Time and Freedom that is obtainable with TIG Treasure Resources. But I’m sure you are justifying your situation by saying something like, "you know, money is not really important. After all the love of money is the root of all evil." Well if you said your husband, or your wife or that your boyfriend or girlfriend or whoever wasn’t important, would they be around for very long? Well, neither would money!

So it is up to you to say if money is really important or not.

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About the Author:
Neksummi Matthias believes "I can achieve all of my goals if I help enough other people achieve theirs!" He believes in running his business without all the deceit that characterize many businesses today. Registration in TIG for now cannot be made online. This means that the registration has to be made offline. You can reach him on 08073639975 or 08063306838 so you arrange how to get you registered.