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Sunday, October 4, 2009


I saw a caption, ‘If you want easy life, go to the mortuary’ in a wealth empowerment newspaper, Success Digest Extra. I was curious so I read on. The write said that more than 50% of readers of his article were of the opinion that Mr. A or Mr. B who rides a beautiful car next door is simply an Aladin who has everything going for him; what a great misconception. He went on to say that from available facts, there was no easy life anywhere. Virtually every living person that is still breathing has one problem or the other.
At every stage of a man’s life, there is a problem to solve. If a two-month old baby is hungry and wants to suckle, and his mother is not there on time to offer that service, of course the baby will cry at the top of his voice; that to the baby is a problem.
Now the child grows up more, and wants to walk like others. But each time he wants to walk or run, he falls down. Of course, that is another problem.
Yes, the boy has now grown up; he can now walk and run but wants a bicycle from his dad like his friends, which his dad has no time for, ha ha, that is another problem.
Well, bicycle or no bicycle, the child grows and he needs to pass his exam, what a problem again. Oh, luckily, he now got a bicycle, passed his exam, but how now will he gain admission into the university? Hmmm, another problem.
Thanks be to God, he gains admission but how does he pay through the university with constant increase in fees, interrupted academic sessions? Lord have mercy, that’s another problem. Well, thank God, he finishes school but needs a place for the National Youth Service assignment, and he is not getting one- another problem.
God does that; he finishes his youth service but needs a job; another problem.
After years of prayers and fasting, a job comes. But he wants to marry and requires a good marriage partner. Don’t you think that is another problem to solve? And the list could go on and on.
But you know what? Some people are providing solutions to those problems and are making millions of dollars, and smiling to their banks. You could join them now or keep on dreaming of an ‘easy life’ which is only an illusion. The choice is yours.
There are only two places where those who live easy lives are found, the mortuary or at the cemetery. I’m sure if the choice were yours, you’ll never be ready to join them.

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