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Thursday, June 23, 2011

TIG Treasure Resources; Poverty Alleviation Programs or Another Deceit (419) in Nigeria?

If TIG stirred your interest enough to visit this blog for more details, I can assure you that the Quick Smart Programme(QSP) is going to dazzle you. It’s a very simple programme yet very powerful. Before I give my recommendation as one who’s both into TIG and QSP, let’s take a quick comparison. 1. Start-up capital: While you need N6000-N10000 to join TIG, you only need N2000 at most N3000 to be part of QSP. It’s going to cost you N3000 if you want a blog just like this one created for you so that people will locate you online just as you located this blog. It’s recommended you have a blog created for you. 2. Waiting period after payment: In TIG, you need to wait 1, 2, 3 or even 4 weeks to have your forms sent to Abuja for processing before you can start recruiting others. In waiting, you could lose some people who had indicated interest. With QSP, your blog is ready within 24 hours and you’re in business! 3. Relationship with downlines: In TIG, you may not know anybody beyond the first 4 people that you sold your forms to. In QSP, you are going to have the contacts of 100s to 1000s of people through the effort of your downlines. 10 serious downlines can make you have the contacts of 1000 people and N1m in two months! 4. Finding People: In TIG, you look for people to join you. In QSP, when your system is set up online, people are going to look for you to want to join your business. A living proof is that you’re going to contact me to join this programme! As you’re reading this blog, I don’t know and I do not need to know you before you join me. That’s how people are going to locate you to join you. Having participated in both TIG and QSP (I’m still making money from both programmes), my advice for you is that you start with the Quick Smart Programme. If you have money for both programmes, join the two at the same time. They complement each other. While TIG us basically done offline usually with people you know personally, QSP smart programme thrives online even with total strangers who don’t know. CLICK HERE TO SEE MY EARNINGS PROOF and read more about the QUICK SMART PROGRAMME. Before I introduce TIG Treasure Resources program to you, I'd like to relate to you this story. It is the story of a man who liked soft drinks so he went into the business with a product called 3Up. It failed.

He started again with another product called 4Up. It failed too. He then decided to name his product 5Up and worked just as hard to make it work, but sure enough, it failed again.

He realized that he still loved soft drink, so he tried again with a product named 6Up. It failed, and he gave up completely.

Then, a few years later, someone else came up with a soft drink and called it 7Up. The rest of it is now story. 7Up became a huge success.

You might have tried and failed at several programs. TIG Treasure Resources might be your 7Up. Give it a trial.

Let us now talk about TIG Treasure Resources.
TIG (Trust In God) Treasure Resources Ltd Empowerment program is a God sent program to alleviate the poverty of the Nigerian people. Many Nigerians among others globally lack the resources to actualize their dreams in life. TIG Treasure Resources is an answer to prayers; the result of a search for economic empowerment in the past 12 years (since 1999).

I have a book titled ‘Can Every Nigerian Be a Millionaire?’written by Hauwa Audu. I concur with the author that we have the resources in this country t make that happen. May I bring to light one way by means of which I think we can achieve this.

Our people are used to ‘adashe’ contributions where a number of people come together to make contribution of a fixed amount of money agreed upon by the contributors. The collected sum is given to one of the contributors to boost his or her business. The next week or month as the case may be, the collection is made again and given to the second person. The process continues until every contributor has benefited.

TIG has come up with a program that is a modernized form of adashe. TIG allows you to make a one time contribution of N6000 or N10000, invite four other contributors and sit back to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

I want to have team members from all parts of Nigeria. If you are the first to join my team from your area, I'll refer all others coming afterward from your area to you
so that you can register them under yourself. That way, it will be easier for them to obtain the forms and beneficial to you too.

How To Get Started

There are two packages of TIG Treasure Resources. TIG N6000 and TIG N10000. Please open the photos on another tab(right click,then click on "Open Link in New Tab") to see more clearly.

The last certificate shows someone I registered in Lagos. I'm in Adamawa State by the way. This is to show you that distance is not a barrier. You can be in Kano and register someone in Port-Harcourt.

The registration form is a certificate which has the names of seven people with their bank details printed on it. The person selling a certificate to you is the one on the seventh level. To join TIG Treasure Resources, you need to collect a certificate and then share the contributions as follows:
• Pay N500 each (for the N6000 category) or N1000 each (for the N10000 category) to the persons on levels 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 respectively as network contributions. Their bank account details are there on the certificates.
• Pay N2500 (for the N6000 category) or N3000 (for the N10000 category) to TIG using the account details of the organization on the certificate to cover administrative expenses which include printing of certificates, mailing, data processing, office accommodation, utility bills, staff welfare etc.
• Complete the form at the back of the certificate with appropriate information. Send the completed form and the eight tellers (evidence of payment) to TIG office in person or courier.

The earnings reflected here was when I just got started with TIG. This was just the earning of my first two weeks. The earnings stopped for a while because there were no more forms in circulation as they were being processed in Abuja. Things have really got better now.

TIG Treasure Resources Makes the Difference
Some of the challenges that have affected other network companies negatively have been handled in TIG viz-avis:
• Low start up capital with huge benefit.
• No posting of money on the internet, your earnings are paid directly into your bank account by your down-lines.
• No exchange rate is involved as they deal in naira.
• Payments of registration into any category of TIG are made once and for all, except you want to re-enter.
• Members earn money at all levels (from 7-1).
• Once your certificates are sold, the non sale of certificate(s) by any of your down-lines may not stop you from earning your contributions as the bonus system takes care of that.

Benefits of Contributors
• Earnings from introducing others to TIG Treasure Resources ranges from N500 (five hundred naira) to N27, 305,000 (twenty seven million, three hundred and five thousand naira) depending on your capacity to introduce people and work on your down-lines.
• You will be given the opportunity to register and be a member of Trust In God Cooperative Ltd. Below are some of the gains of being a registered member of the cooperative society:
1. Training in modernized agriculture for food production and income generation.
2. Training on how you ca own a house and earn more money from housing.
3. You will be educated on how you can own means of mobility and also benefit from an active transportation outfit.
4. Several other training on economic empowerment.

TIG says their goal is to ensure that you own a business, if you have not, expand if you have one already.

Nigerians have fallen prey to many scams both on and offline that when one brings genuine programs to them like TIG, they are not willing to listen. The deed has been committed and all we ca do now is mount a crusade to bring back the confidence and trust of our people. We must convince them that good things still exist in this our ‘ogbodo’ land.

We cannot give up the fight because liberating our people is a task that must be accomplished. TIG works. I doff my hat for its creators.

Registration for now cannot be made online. This means that the registration has to be made offline. You can reach me on 08073639975 or 08063306838 so we can arrange on how I can get you registered.

Please Click Here To Go To TIG Treasure Resources Site

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  1. Our people say, “A man once bitten by a snake is frightened by a rope at night.” People have lost so much money to fraudulent schemes in this country that when a genuine program like TIG is being shared with them, they just won’t be convinced.

    I however want to assure you that TIG Treasure Resources empowerment program is a harmless rope.

    Those who have benefited from TIG should please comment and give us their testimonies here. Tell us your story.

  2. Hi everyone, just to say that i am one of the lucky one's who have bought and read the book "Facebook Money Machine" and its quite informative, self explanatory and the bonuses are real!. Anyone who is serious about improving their financial status (like me) should consider getting a copy TODAY! you will surely enjoy it. Its not scam or fraud its real... Thumbs up Meksummi.
    Alex from Maiduguri.

  3. Thanks for your comment Alex. Got the other money you sent, N5k. I'll get you the software and send it to you asap. My name is Neksummi. I know it was a typing error cos I know you know the right name.

  4. Please, who are the people behind this TIG scheme? Which reputable Nigerian is on the board of directors? I'm already a contributor, and i've started making money, but then, I want to know the people behind it all... please...

  5. Tayo, I'll try and get somebody from TIG office to answer questions. Thanks.

  6. People have been asking me of TIG office address.
    They are at:
    Suite F8 FEBSON Mall Wuse Zone 4, Abuja.
    Contact Number:
    Calls: 092912588
    Text Messages: 07041625275.

  7. TIG office address
    has been changed....
    they are now@
    Suite S8,Second Floor,FEBSON MALL, Wuse Zone 4 Abuja.

  8. Thanks Patrick for the update on suite they're in. When I called them, I thought I heard F8, so it's S8.

    Keep up the good work. You shall get there!

  9. Please is there an office or a venue where TIG seminar is usually held in Lagos. i want to know so that i can send people to attain the seminar. 07032605004

  10. I don't really know much about TIG, But can attest to the Quick Smart Program. I eat with it. Learn more at www.1kperday.ytclass.com

  11. I don't really know much about TIG, But can attest to the Quick Smart Program. I eat with it. Learn more at http://1kperday.ytclass.com

  12. Thanks Patrick for the update on suite they're in.

  13. samuel akogun doyinNovember 6, 2014 at 3:01 AM

    tig is the best network marketing business of this generation...i advice whoever is reading to make haste now and register and start benefiting from the proceeds..its absolutely free of fraud, its very transparent and straight forward to engage in...thanks to the brains behind this concept..

  14. yes o, i made so much money in TIG....
    you can also take advantage of any of the following
    call/whatsapp 09096683295 and pin 7e0f2e04

  15. After payment how do I get the ebook

  16. You can get in touch with me Friday.