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Friday, January 13, 2012

Quick Smart Programme: Touching Lives Positively In Nigeria

Dear Friend,
My name is Neksummi Matthias, an Internet marketer since March 2007. I’m the President of the Entrepreneurs for Global Impact Multi-Purpose Corporative Society Ltd Numan and the CEO of Neksummi Global Services. I've got good news for you! Scroll down through the pictures to read my message.

At Radio Gotel Yola (Atiku's Radio Station) to enlighten the populace about Internet Marketing.

Economic Empowerment Seminar Held in Numan June, 2011.

A lot of people today claim to teach others how to make money on the Internet when they themselves have no experience with online marketing. Some are even out to defraud. But before we go any further, let me teach you how to know if a programme or a person is for real and if he is qualified to teach you. Run a scam test on the programme or the person.

This is how you do it: Type the company name or the name of the person into Google along with the word scam and see what comes up, e.g neksummi+scam. If the person has conned other people in the past, they would have complained about him in forums or other social networking websites. These complaints are sure to come up in your search result. From there you can decide whether to risk your money or stay away from such a person or programme.

That said, I’d like you to run a scam test on me (neksummi+scam). If I pass your test, read through to the very end and take everything I say seriously. It certainly was God who directed you to this blog to give you rest from your financial struggles and I’m humbled that He chose me to be the medium through which He has decided to bless you.
If you are even half way considering starting your own Internet business, you need to pay close attention right now. If this is your first attempt at money making on the internet, consider yourself fortunate because you wouldn’t have to lose thousands of naira experimenting. I lost over N1million my first few years jumping from one programme to another. You have right in front of you a programme that works. Search no further.

If you don’t trust me, then it won’t affect me! Tomorrow, I will still be making an avalanche of N1000 sitting in my room and you might be reading another e-book or sales letter to get rich quickly!