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Monday, February 16, 2009


Please click and read the posts I made in January when you're done with this. They're very important.

1. Virtual Address and How To Collect Your Survey Money In Nigeria

To make any significant earning with survey sites, you must be a US resident! But since you are not, you must get a virtual address to register with and where your checks will be sent to.
So many survey websites or survey companies pay through different methods. Some will pay you only
through www.paypal.com But some
of them will pay through checks.
The easiest way i know and use is through graphcard. http://www.graphcard.com/?rid=20863 You must open an account with them. And after opening the account, login
and read everything you can about their services. Select the personal account type when registering.
Opening an account with graphcard is FREE. So do that
right now. After you have done that and you are ready to fund your graph card account with money. You will need to reach
one of their representatives on 08052000195.
Another benefit of owning a graph card account is that you will be able to collect your survey check right here in Nigeria. Let me give you a step by step
guide. This is how graph card virtual address works...
My own Graph card is:
8101 Sandy Spring Road
Suite 220 No. 2466, Laurel MD 20707
(Note: that all graph card addresses are the same, the difference is in the ‘No.’ i.e. the PMB). With this address go to a survey website and register. Some people have written me that they encountered problems getting their virtual address. I've also verified that you need to pay first before getting the virtual address. Now since you are new to the system and we want to start making money today, go ahead and register with the address above but leave out 'No. 2466' because that's my personal box number. Register with the survey sites and later when you are able to pay for your virtual address, you could edit your survey accounts and add your personal bos number since all the addressses are the same with exception of the box numbers.
In the process of registration the survey website will always ask for payee name which is the name you want your check to be sent to. In this case don't use your name own name rather use LFR COMMUNICATIONS INC.
That is the name of GRAPH CARD organization. With this name once your check gets to them, and it normally does in less than 3 days after the survey
company sents the check. Graph card will look at your box number, and through that number they will be able to detect that it is you. So don’t use mine because your earnings will be going into my graphcard account. Some people will want to be smart and instead of registering their virtual address, they’ll want to use mine. Once they detect whose box number is, they will convert the money that is one the check and pay it into your graph card account. Their commission is 5%.
When you have confirmed that your graph card account has been funded. You
will then look for the withdraw button after you have logged into your graph card account and click it. The best two withdraw methods that are good for us in Nigeria is:
Western Union or MoneyGram and Direct Bank Payment.
If you choose western union or Moneygram as the case may be, graph card sends you the money so all you need do is to go to the bank and collect your money.
If you choose the other method which you will need a GTBank savings account. With that account you will be able to wire your money directly from your graph card account into your GTBank account!
But if you don’t like this option, you could write your name as the payee and still use your virtual address. Once graphcard receives your check, they’ll notify you through your e-mail and you’ll pay them to ship your check to your Nigerian address while you take the check and pay into your domiciliary account. It takes 21days to clear.
Virtual Telephone Number:
You can also get a virtual phone number from graphcard. Check their site.
2. Changing Your IP
Once you’re done with your virtual address, you’ll need to go through an IP other than your Nigerian IP all the time before you enter any survey site.
You could go through the following:
and any other way you know to change your IP.

Connect to FREE Internet Browsing

There have also been complaint about some people's inability to change their IPs.
If you own a laptop or Desktop, I can help you connect to internet from home and that connection comes with a US IP hence you don't have problem taking any survey.
Call me if you need this arrangement.
A great website, and I mean a REALLY great website is Vindale.
Read this well: Even if you decided not to work or register in any survey website, except this one, if you do it well you can make $500 to $1,000 in 60-90 days from now without investing more than 4 hours a week.
Here is what you should do,
[1] Go to http://tryvindale.com/V03fz2Myr and register.
Please if you are not resident in the US. Copy the link above and go to: www.indirectconnection.com and paste it in the search box and click ‘go’. Then you can register. If not you’ll be registering with an IP that is not a US IP and that will affect your earnings.
And it gets even much better. You earn $5 for each person you refer. Read this:
'Help us spread the word! We'll add $5.00 to your Vindale Research account everytime you get a friend, family member, colleague, boyfriend, girlfriend or whomever* to:
1. Sign up using your referral link below.
2. Complete at least one product evaluation.
Once we verify that the new member you referred has sucessfully completed at least one product evaluation, we'll add $5.00 to your Vindale Research account. And there is no limit to the number of referrals you can generate'.

Do I need to say any other thing?
Ok we're not done yet. Get your $45 right now:
Ok I’m going to leave you with these two sites for FREE. I think these are enough for free. To get how to actually change your IP, access to other great sites and many more mind blowing things you could do on the internet, order for my breath-taking manual.
It's your opportunity to start making money online. Don't just watch while others continue to rake in thousands of dollars online. It's your time to claim your share of the multi-million dollar empire.
Make sure you grab your own package before it's too late.
To order:
Make your payment of N4000 into any of the following account:
Account Name: Matthias Neksummi H.
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Text your email address, teller number, branch where payment was made to 08073639975.
Your package will be delivered to your inbox in less than 48hours.
Get this package and let me prove to you what you've been missing. There's so much money to be made on the internet but you've been getting things wrongly. I'm so confident of my product that I want you to keep in mind this 100% risk free because you get full money-back guaranty if you’re not satisfied. Even if your dog sneezes and that makes you not to like my manual, that’s good enough reason to get a refund. What do you have to lose? Nothing!
Remember I'm just taking 200 orders so I can have enough time to put the people through. Once they're taken, that's it. No more. Don't miss out!
If you order with the package on Voucher Printing and Business Financing without collateral, you’ll get all for N5000!

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