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Friday, January 30, 2009


Money creates ability. Having a lot of it brings satisfaction to your soul and frees your mind to concentrate on achieving your goals. With Money you express love, pay bills, solve problems. Money answereth all things.

Poverty on the other hand is tormenting. Poverty is a thief. It steals much more than your finances. It steals your dream. It steals your sense of worth. It steals your significance, it steals your ability to bless those around you.

Financial deliverers are special gifts from God. Few true financial deliverers exist though. You must therefore be sensitive to recognise such deliverers when they come your way with opportunities. Don't miss out on great oppotunities because work is mentioned in them. Opportunities dress in overalls and disguise as work.

I am concerned that too many Nigerians and people around the world are focused so much on making quick money and not their greatest wealth, which is their education. If you think money solves problems, I am afraid you'll have a rough ride. Intelligence solves problems and produces money. Money without financial intelligence is money soon gone.

After two years of research and investment of over half a million naira ($3500+) and many sleepless nights, I've established that it is possible to make real cash online. You see, making money on the internet is not as hard as many people picture it to be, of course you will work because success is spelt W-O-R-K but with proper guidance, its easy. I want you to start making your internet income in as little as 24hrs after setting up the systems I will be revealing to you.

The price I paid was HUGE but I have no regrets.
I made some stunning discoveries;
• There is so much lie on the internet .
• Some people can go to any length to make money out of you not minding what happens to you afterwards.
• These heartless people that I call hungry sharks are numerous and are hungrier now than ever before and they are very much around.
• I ve discovered that there are really nice guys too who give more than they promote.
Now because of the anomynity of the internet and because you dont know me, I do not want to give testimonials to convince you to buy my product. This is because any one could pay people to disguise as benefactors of his program. Therefore I want you to find out for yourself. Go to www.google.com and search my name 'neksummi' . If the result you see does'nt convince you that I can teach you internet bussiness, close this page and go your way. If it does, then you must take me seriously.
I am looking for 200 motivated Nigerians who havent made a single dime online yet or who are struggling to make real money online to show them how to make at least s300 in 4 weeks ... without investing a dime I you dont really want to.

Here some of the things I will be revealing to you in my report;

• How to buy domain names for $10 and resell them for 500 the same week or more if you decide to keep it longer. The latest secret of buying and selling websites for insane profit.
• This secret alone can make you over $2000 in 2 months, guaranteed
• A secret way on how to hide your IP address.
• Access to more survey websites that are HOT and will pay you up to $5 per survey job. You can start these jobs today and start earning even if you dont have a dime to invest.
• Step by Step guide on how to build your own affiliate marketing business starting from scratch, and how to earn your profit in less than 7days!

I'm Not Done Yet. I'm Going To Drive You Silly, Your Head Will Spin, You'll Be Jumping Up and Down, Bumping Into Furniture, And Yelling: "This Is Too Much!!!"

If You Order Today, You'll Benefit From the Following and Some Other Bonuses:

• I'll Give You Keys To Creating Information Product That Sell Even In Over Crowded, Highly Competitive Markets.
• How to Uncover Hundreds of Experts In any Market That Can Participate In Creation of Your Infornation Arsenal

• Where and how to get a US or UK address you can use to start your business.
• How To Open a US Bank Account and Verify Paypal
• Web Design and Graphics
• Membership Site Vedios
• Software for Increased Browsing Speed.

These bonuses alone are worth N30,000 but I'm handing them to you at no extra cost. So how much will it cost you to get my product? I'm sure you are eager to know. I'll tell you but first let me point out some things to you.

• The value of the package you'll be getting from me is N85,000.
• You'll be learning first- hand from my wealth of internet marketing experience.
• I will make sure you succeed with your business, cos I'll give you every support you need.

Therefore if I tell you to pay N100,000 I will be justified, after all you will be earning more than that very soon and besides I spent over N0.5million and two years of hard work to come up with this product.

But you don't have to pay that much. If you order today, you'll pay ONLY N4000. Yes for only N4000, I'll be taking you through my wealth of internet marketing experience.

Your investment in this package is Risk Free! You are covered by By No Bull, No Question Asked, No Quibble, No Beef, No Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee! In Short It's More Than a Money Back Guarantee. If You Apply My Strategies and You Don't Make At Least $300 in 4 weeks, I'll Refund Your Money, Apologise to You and Pay You N5000 for Wasting Your Time!

This is to tell you how confident about the product i'm marketing to you. So let's wrap it up. Are you Ready to start making money online? If you are, then you have to get this package.

• Now is the time for you to say YES to success.
• Now is the time for you to say YES to banking in bucks just like a true marketing guru.
• Now is the time for you to say YES to taking your online business to the next level.
• Now is the time for you to say YES to getting over that hump holding you back for so long.

It's your opportunity to start making money online. Don't just watch while others continue to rake in thousands of dollars online. It's your time to claim your share of the multi-million dollar empire.

Make sure you grab your own package before it's too late.

To order:
• Make your payment of N4000 into any of the following account:

Account Name: Matthias Neksummi H.
Account Numbers: First Bank of Nigeria PLC Yola Main- 3602010046127
UBA Zaria- 00260520056653
GTB Zaria- 81133126011590
• Text your email address, teller number, branch where payment was made to 08073639975.
• Your package will be delivered to your inbox in less than 48hours.

Get this package and let me prove to you what you've been missing. There's so much money to be made on the internet but you've been getting things wrongly. I'm so confident of my product that I'll give back to you 100% of your money if you don't like it. What do you have to lose? Nothing!
Remember I'm just taking 200 orders so I can have enough time to put the people through. Once they're taken, that's it. No more. Don't miss out!

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