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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

‘Dirty’ Little Secret Gurus Never Tell About Starting An information Marketing Business

What I have in this post was gotten from a forum and I thought I should share it with you. Enjoy it. Please when you're done, read the post written in February where you get to learn how to earn at least $45 before you leave this computer right now, and those written in January. They are very important.

"If you learn this secret and embrace it, you will become a guru yourself in almost a twinkle of an eye!

You know sometimes it just makes me laugh!

I meet a new guy who wants to make money selling information products, and the first thing they tell me…almost always, when I ask them the biggest reason why they want to start this business is…’I want to do this so that I can work less, and earn more.

Work less?

Work less?

Come on. There is nothing further away from the truth than this BIG FAT BOLD FACED LIE!

Let me tell in case you’ve gotten it into your head that you have to work far less to earn money in the information marketing business…

There’s Nothing Like That!

Here’s why. It’s simple. The information marketing business is still…A BUSINESS! And God and I’m sure you know that starting any Business Takes… GASP… Work!

Contrary to what many gurus may claim,

NOBODY can hand you a million-naira business idea on a golden plate.

NOBODY will roll up their sleeves and spend evenings and weekends for the next couple of months on your computer with you, getting you through the start-up phase.

NOBODY will be content to help you make a single =N=1,000 sale from a website that you’ve invested =N=thousands into.

And NOBODY will build your business FOR YOU!

You Can’t Expect To Go On Vacation Abroad Like A Music/Nollywood Star During Your First 6 Months…

Like in the post before this one titled “Are You A Serial Opportunity Seeker?” serial opportunity seekers are easily swept up by promises of living the “millionaire lifestyle.”

They read stories of their hero’s latest multi-million naira vacations … rich hobbies … and seemingly endless free time …

… And they want to be there today!

Again, this is not a realistic expectation.

Can you make hundreds of thousands of naira with an online information marketing business?


Can you make millions? It’s possible, yes.

But it’s extremely unlikely that you’re going to be inspired with a million naira business idea that’s going to rocket you into lifestyles of the rich and famous overnight.

I can guarantee you this is NOT how millionaires start…

Millionaires Don’t Work 10 Hours A Week

I know very few millionaires who work part-time on their businesses. Hey Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase, even with all the staff he has doesn’t.

In fact, I know very few people making six-figure incomes with their websites who work part-time, either.

Yes, with success and a generous income comes the freedom to spend more time doing the things you love.

But that’s the secret…

Successful entrepreneurs typically love what they’re doing.

So behind closed doors, we’re all eating, sleeping, and breathing our businesses. And this competitive, driven, over-achiever mentality plays a big role in driving our ongoing growth and success.

We may play hard… but we also work damn hard. And you too must expect to do so too, while being smart at it by using tools that will save you time, seeking mentors that will lead you by the hand, and learning everything about the information marketing business, or indeed any other business you may be involved in continuously, everyday!

So Here’s A Word Of Advice…

While you buy into the pipe dream of living the millionaire lifestyle, never forget this, to make it come true, you must be willing to work hard at it."

Let me also add that you don’t lose anything by becoming a student. To think you have all the answers mean you don’t know all the questions.

Pride can cost you your destiny. It’s smarter to tap into other people’s experiences than to learn everything yourself. You may arrive your destination too late.

I’m telling you this out of experience. I learnt a lot on my own and I discovered rather late that I would have moved faster had I purchased manuals from those who were ahead of me. And when I began doing that, my story changed. Mind you I’m not telling you to buy just any manual. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

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