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Monday, January 26, 2009


Amazing opportunities exist in the GSM industry condidering that over 50million Nigerians struggle to buy GSM products as if their lives depended on it. Recharge card is one GSM product that GSM users have not been able to live without.
Right now there are those considered to be addicted to recharge cards. Or how else can one describe anyone who spends an average of N6,000 daily on recharge cards. That's about N180,000 monthly. It is only when one is addicted that he can spend this much on recharge cards in one month. But that is the case with some people already. No wonder recharge card business keeps booming amidst strong competition among many call centre operators across the country. A survey shows that apart from satchet water (pure water), recharge cards are the fastest selling products in the country accounting for over N5million daily sales. What a goldmine!
Have you always wanted to know how you can tap into the money making opportunities in the GSM recharge card business but you didn't know how; here's your ticket to this mega opportunity for small investors.
Doing Recharge Card With GSM Operators Directly
The GSM operators are more willing to recruit you as one of their recharge card merchants than you are even willing to be. As more mega dealers opt-out and venture into more tasking and financially demanding GSM businesses, they are frustrating the GSM operators recharge card distribution thus helping to make the recharge card business more profitable than it used to be. The opportunities created by the disappearing dealers have created money making business for smart entrepreneurs like you to tap into. And here I will lay bare those things you need to have in order to position yourself in this mega billion market. The first thing I must tell you is money. You need to have a lot of it to get the GSM operators listen to you. The operator you are talking to may determine how much you will be looking for. For instance GLO may be asking for between N750,000-N1.5million while MTN may be asking for N1.5 and Zain may just need you to have N500,000-N750,000 only. However the benefits are worth the money you may be investing like 10% discount on recharge cards; 2% additional discount for transportation cost; up to 10% extra bonus on total volume of sales in 90days, if you hit your target and other fringe benefits like cars, houses, all-expense paid paid overseas travels etc. It can even get better like free insurance policy for up to 10 cars. All these and more can only be yours if you are a recharge card merchant.
Smale Scale Investors
The recharge card business is very profitable, you probably know too. But for one to make profit from the business, you must have some reasonable amount of money to invest; same with every other business- the more capital you have, the better your chances of picking up fast. I will put the acceptable minimum at N50,000 but that's not to say you cannot start with less. You can start with as little as N15,000.Having your own internet connection is good but you can use the cafe close to you if you can't afford your own internet connection.
Now let's face the truth about GSM recharge card business marketing. Although recharge card business is very lucrative and there are millions to be made from it, what determines how much you make is marketing. Anyone can print GSM recharge cards once you have a computer and a HP laser jet printer installed, but not everyone can sell GSM recharge cards.
I may bother you as an entrepreneur how to sell your products and make good profits. Do not have the fear that you are new in the business and my be denied good patronage. All you need do is to make a through market survey of your area. Make a list of the sub dealers that sell at cheapest rate to the GSM call centers around you. Then, try to reasonable cut your price and wait for the result. You will discover that people tend to walk a few kilometers from their vicinity to patronize a dealer in another locality simply because of a reduction in price which is not even more than 50 kobo. For example, if the cheapest MTN N100 in your area goes for N96, you may sell for N95.50 and beat the other dealers (your competitors). Always remember however that no matter the number of your competitor you still will have your fair share of the market. This is a principle that is driven by creativity and good market strategy. Your customers will come to you.
In addition to this you may accept the family sales technique. This involves every member of the same household having some vouchers with them at any certain time and is ready to make sales at the slightest possible chance to do so. This method has been tested and the results very positive. Selling at both wholesale and retail price can bring in extra earnings and increase profit margin.
A third method is the let others do the sales. In this method you involve people who may not be ordinarily interested in this business by offering vouchers to them on credits and with profits. For instance Mrs. X may not be into the sale of voucher, may be a cyber café owner or business center agent. You approach Mrs. X and offer her some cards say 10 of each units of MTN 100, Celtel 100 and Glo 100 at the rate of say N98. She makes N2 on each while you make N5 and sell faster. It is the cumulative effect of this that will count.
To start Printing recharge cards, go to the nearest GSM operator's office. Well, that's when you have so much money to invest. But for a small investor like you, all you need now is... ok it's all in my manual.
But is the whole thing legal? What if the PINs are fake? So many questions are popping up your head right now. Let me answer the ones that really matter now. This is a business you can do and EFCC will not come after you. So it's perfectly legal as long as you get your PINs from the right sources. Don't even think of it as fake. The PINs are so protected that the first person that will ever see it is you who printed it. The authorised distributor who sold it to you never saw the numbers because they are encrypted.
Your authorised distributors are the GSM dealers near you. If there's one near you authorised by the GSM operators to sell recharge PINs, approach him and speak with him. But I can almost guarantee you that those dealers will tell you, they don't know what you're talking about. They'll see you as a competitor but in the actual sense, you're a partner in progress. But not to worry, in my manual, I'm going to reveal to you dealers that are willing to partner with you so you can start on a small scale.
Tap into over 370 billion naira GSM recharge card goldmine by ordering for your manual right away.


The major reason why many people are not rich is because they are not in their own business; and the reason why majority of people are not in their own business is because they don't have start up capital.
Although, raising business capital is not an easy venture, yet it is not an impossible task.
To sit down and do nothing because there is no enough money is simply an untenable excuse.
In my manual that also contains how to start recharge card printing, I shall teach you how to raise cash for any kind of business that you have ever dreamt of going into, if you will DILIGENTLY do the work involved. And what's that work? Contacting the organisations involved.

To order:
· Make your payment of N2500 into any of the following account:

Account Name: Matthias Neksummi H.
Account Numbers: First Bank of Nigeria PLC Yola Main- 3602010046127
UBA Zaria- 00260520056653
GTB Zaria- 81133126011590
· Text your email address, teller number, branch where payment was made to 08073639975.
· Your package will be delivered to your inbox in less than 48hours.

. To take advantage of this package and that of starting your internet business,
pay the sum of N5000 ONLY.

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