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Monday, July 4, 2011

Your Decisions Today Determine Where You Will Be Tomorrow

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You are where you are today because of what you did or failed to do yesterday. We all at some time or the other have come across life changing opportunities and our state today is a reflection of our acceptance or rejection of those opportunities.

This is yet another opportunity knocking at your door. Do yourself the favor of going through it. Now it is up to you to read, take advantage and attain financial freedom or reject it and remain where you are receiving peanuts called ‘monthly pay checks’
That said, it is true that all of us want to make money but only few are willing to put in small effort that would produce big results.

Only 20% of the things you do give you 80% of your result and 80% of some other things you do give you only 20% of your result-says a certain principle. Therefore, you do not need to know 100% of facts about money. You need to know only 20% of the facts that will give you the 80% of your results

Do it now! Get the habit of doing things now. In many people, it is not the knowledge that is lacking. What is lacking is the courage. Put the much you know into action. "The greatest gap in the world is the gap between knowing and doing," says John Maxwell.

To be successful in today’s business world, you have to be able to shift gears and cope with change effectively. You have to be able to make decisions without knowing all of the details or be able to see the big picture. Today’s entrepreneurs have to be able to function in an atmosphere of ambiguity in order to be successful.

So do it wrong the first time! If you wait until time is right- until your ducks are all in a row, it will never be done. You must be willing to fail your way to success. However, get me right. I am not saying you just jump into every opportunity that stares you in the face without proper examination. Do your research! "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." – Dr. Wayne Dyer.

All I did so far was to pinch you and wake you up to the reality of More Money, Time and Freedom that is obtainable with TIG Treasure Resources. But I’m sure you are justifying your situation by saying something like, "you know, money is not really important. After all the love of money is the root of all evil." Well if you said your husband, or your wife or that your boyfriend or girlfriend or whoever wasn’t important, would they be around for very long? Well, neither would money!

So it is up to you to say if money is really important or not.

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About the Author:
Neksummi Matthias believes "I can achieve all of my goals if I help enough other people achieve theirs!" He believes in running his business without all the deceit that characterize many businesses today. Registration in TIG for now cannot be made online. This means that the registration has to be made offline. You can reach him on 08073639975 or 08063306838 so you arrange how to get you registered.

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