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Monday, June 27, 2011

Succes With TIG TReasure Resources Requires Striping Your Personal Pride (Ego)

Please don’t let your ego i.e. personal pride stop you from reaching your destiny. There’s no big manism when there’s no money in your pocket. People are making four times their salaries in just 1week!

What’s your status in the society? Put it down and make cool money. Are you a doctor, lawyer, engineer, architect, accountant, police officer, army officer, PhD holder, professor, politician? Whatever your status is, drop it and make good money. Moreover you are in that position in the first place to make money.

People will tell you “So you can go this low just to make money? A director, doctor, professor or a man of God (pastor or imam) running after 1, 1 thousand naira?” Don’t mind them. It is the same people who’ll be pointing fingers at you if you are poor. They’ll say, “Look at a director in so and so ministry or a professor walking on foot. I wonder what he’s doing with all the money he earns.” The ocean is made from little drops of water. The 1, 1 thousands add up to millions. Tell them it is the millions that you’re after if they care to know. You may also be your arch-enemy. If you say to yourself “I won’t do this. People will say I like money a lot” Sincerely speaking, who doesn’t like money? Forget about what people will say.

Your position should be to your advantage in TIG Treasure Resources. If you are a doctor, you can help your patients get out of poverty. I bet you they’ll listen to you because they respect and trust you. Lawyers; your clients will listen to you because of the trust and respect that exist between you. Pastors and imam; your congregations are all ears to you because they believe you can’t lead them astray. And please don’t take just anything to them. Be sure of what opportunity you are recommending to them. If you sell them on a junk program, remember it’s going to be at the expense of your integrity and credibility.

Pay close attention to the following information I want to share with you. Please give 100% attention to this very important, life changing, once in a life time opportunity.

Because of the abject poverty that has removed reasoning from our heads and our desperation to get rich quick by all means, it was easy in the past for smart heartless fellows with dead conscience to capitalize on our greed and ignorance to dupe us of our hard earned money.

But thank God that we still have a remnant of good people in our country who wish Nigeria and Nigerians well. A gentleman with his team of consultants has developed a system that has raised several multi-millionaires in Yola (around where I reside) and other places in less than six months. Ordinary people are becoming millionaires with just a one-time investment of N10, 000 or N6, 000 depending on their strength.

If you’ve heard about TIG and you refused to give it a close look because you failed with some other programs in the past, I advice that you give it a thorough unbiased scrutiny. Lawyers have scrutinized it but haven’t found anything in it against the laws of this country. EFCC has also not seen anything wrong with it. You think you can uncover fraud better than EFCC and lawyers?

The difference between TIG Treasure Resources and other similar programs preceding it which failed is that in TIG, you start earning from the first level. TIG is not a pyramid scheme as some people have challenged me on that. It is a network contribution program. You can re-join and re-join again, of course that will have to be under those under you, so you also make contributions to their accounts. You need not sell your four certificates before you start seeing money. Even if only one certificate out of your certificates is sold through, you’ll earn N5, 461, 000! In those failed programs, one needed to sell all his forms and ensure his down-lines sell all theirs before they ever get rewarded. In real situation, it is not possible to have all forms moving at the same time.

Never reject a possibility because your mind is already made up. Never reject an idea because it might fail! Success is never certain, and failure is never final. You never reject ideas because there’s some risk involved. You isolate the risk, insulate it, and eventually eliminate it.
When faced with a mountain, do not quit! Keep striving until you climb over, find a pass through, tunnel underneath – or simply stay and turn the mountain into a goldmine, with God’s help!
Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities.

Those are words of the great writer, Robert H. Schuller.

I pray you make the right decision concerning TIG. And the right decision to me is for you to register today! Delay is dangerous.

Don’t nurse the feeling that “when I register, how do I find my 4?” There are 150million Nigerians! The number one obstacle on the road to high level success is the feeling that major accomplishment is beyond reach. How did I find you to join? You’ll likewise be taught how to get others.

TIG is not a secret society as some people are insinuating. It isn’t 419 (fraud) but a poverty alleviation program opened to all people who are sick of being poor and are ready to take their destiny into their hands by taking action. TIG Treasure Resources has no religious or political affiliation.

TIG has the following WARNINGS:
• If you know you cannot sell your certificates, do not buy; because you will not gain anything and you will tie others down.
• Do not give money to anyone you do not trust to make payment on your behalf, as the company is not liable to any loss caused by such transaction(s).
• There shall be NO REFUNDS once payment is made so be sure of what you are doing before making payments. Do not promise anyone anything you cannot deliver.
• Do not promise to sell certificates for anyone.
• Use only banks that have branches nationwide (at least in each of the 36 states capital and FCT, Abuja).
• Ensure that your registration documents are not lost in transit; call the office to confirm your documents have been received.

In essence they are saying, “Look before you leap!” Fraudsters don’t tell you that. They just tell you to jump, “for we’ll give our angels charge over you…”

No program is infallible, only God is. I also cannot vouch for the creators of this program because I don’t know them. But from their literature I have read, I see that they are genuine. And from testimonies of people I know who have met them, they mean well for Nigerians. I’ll get to meet them soon as I’ll be traveling to Abuja presently.

You may call me on 08073639975 or 08063306838 if you need to talk with me.

I pray TIG becomes your final bus stop of opportunity search. It can be if you choose to make it be.

Please I welcome your comments on this post.

Thank you and God bless.

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  1. A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, loving favor rather than silver and gold. Proverbs 22:1.

    Money isn't everything. There's more to life than just money. the good name and integrity I've built over the years is more valuable to me than all the money in the world put together.

    Please don't comment if you've not given this program a thorough unbiased scrutiny.