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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Discover the vital role of exercise in weight loss

The best way to lose weight and keep it off is with a lifelong simple program of regular exercise.
Why exercise?
Reducing kilojoules intake can slow down your metabolism. Exercise keeps your metabolism in high gear and prevents your body from conserving kilojoules.
Safety first
If you haven’t exercised in the last 2years and you are over 40years of age, or have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, it is imperative that you check with your doctor before starting an exercise program.
Choice of exercise
A critical key to a successful exercise program is to choose that which you enjoy. (walk, run, hike or bike, aerobic or weight training)
Walk if off
Learn to love walking. It’s a great and easy way to burn kilojoules and to improve your health. Everyone can walk. Walk after a meal after work, incorporate walking into your everyday activities.
Essentially an exercise program can be divided into three levels and one progresses from the first level to the third as one becomes more proficient.
1) Basic motion
Increase your energy expenditure through everyday activities. For example, do all or most of these activities.
a) Walk an extra 5minutes every morning before you go into the building at work.
b) Walk an extra 5minutes when you leave work every day.
c) Park your car in the farthest space from where you enter your place of employment, shops, post office, etc.
d) Do your own gardening.
e) Vacuum your house everyday.
f) Watch one less TV program everyday and use that time to walk or do an activity.
g) Walk your pet everyday.
2) Lifetime health
In conjunction with the basic motion program, the lifetime health program incorporates a simple exercise plan.
a) Activity: your choice of sport or exercise that causes your heart to work a 60-70% of capacity.
b) Frequency: 23times per week.
c) Duration: 2060 minutes per session.
d) Intensity: a pace or intensity that allows you still hold a conversation, but talking is difficult.
3) Ultimate fitness
Utilizes all of the components of lifetime health plus
a) Incorporates a strength training program (fitness club)
b) Participate in competitive sport.

Not yet up and running?
If you aren’t currently getting regular exercise, just start! You’ll feel so good about yourself, your body, and new positive outlook; you’ll want to keep it up. Keep in mind, like any habit, it takes few weeks to develop. In a short time, exercise will become part of your life and payoff will be credible!

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